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Oulton Park 1993 An image from club member Redvers Arnold shows club members queueing for a track cavalcade at the 1993 Oulton Park Classic Car Show.

Oulton Park 1993 Another image of the club cars waiting to gain access to the track.

Oulton Park 1993 An action shot here from Redvers, showing some club members cars on the track at the Oulton Park show. At least two of these cars are still owned by the same club members.

Shugborough Hall This one is at Shugborough Hall, probably in the early 1990s. It's not as old as it looks, just was "into" black and white photography at the time as it was easier to process at home than colour.

Oulton Park early 90s

Here is a selection from Oulton Park Classic Car Show, once a very popular show at our local racetrack. It was briefly resurrected around 1999, and again in 2012. If you have any more definite dates on these please let me know via the "contact" page.

Oulton Park early 90s again More from Oulton Park Classic Car Show

Oulton Park More from Oulton Park Classic Car Show

Oulton Park More from Oulton Park Classic Car Show

Oulton Park More from Oulton Park Classic Car Show

Tatton Park 1995 Now a selection from Tatton Park classic car shows, once a very popular show for the club but a very heavy demand for stand space meant that we had to miss a few years, but we're back now.

Tatton Park 1993 More from Tatton Park Classic Car Show

Chester Festival of Transport Here's one from a club member, taken at what looks like Chester Festival of Transport based on the background.

Crewe Carnival And here's a couple from Crewe Carnival, around 1999.

Crewe Carnival Crewe Carnival, late 1990s

Here, we have a selection of photographs from various club events. If you've got any such photographs, please feel free to get in touch, either via the Contact page, or directly at one of the club meetings. Scanned or digital photos would be best, but if you don't have a scanner we can do that.

We'd also be interested in any copies or scans of news articles that mention the club, either in detail or in passing.

Lots of photos from recent events can be found in the individual reports for those events, on the Past Events page.

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